Mambakwedza Mutasa

— Artist, Houtbay, Western Cape, South Africa

Style: Sculptor

Mediums: Steel , Wood , Bronze

Mambakwedza Mutasa was born in Harare, Zimbabwe.

From an early age, Mambakwedza eagerly explored his intrinsic talent and phenomenal ability to create art. Mambakwedza held the position of Director at the Domboramwari Art Village near Harare, where he took great pride in teaching others the basic principles of art.

This place had become like a sanctuary to him, where he was able to let his imagination develop and gain inspiration away from the busy city life. after this exploratory chapter in his life, Mambakwedza sought to broaden his adventures and travel the world – where he then also worked in America and Holland.

With the preferred use of materials such as metal, stone and driftwood in his sculpters, Mambakwedza has the uncanny ability to create shape, life-like movement in a still-form and immense emotions. He brings together a culmination of strengths, from inner passions, beliefs and spirituality to gentle expressions and powerful emotion.

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