How they met

The collaboration art will be pieces with paint which is created by Gerhard vd Westhuizen and combined with any form of external components like steel , wood etc. created by Mambakwedza Mutasa

Gerhard and Mamba met on May 2018 at the Festival of Art in Franschhoek , Western Cape.Whilst exhibiting at the same art festival , Gerhard and Mamba came to cross paths.With a keen and inquisitive interest in each other’s works , they instantly came to realise that they shared a very like-minded passion in what they do and how they create it.That initial meeting was purely a fusion of dynamics that would ultimately be the beginning of a powerful journey of artistic collaborations.

In admiring the works of each other , their different styles, mediums and effects , they imagined the outcome of working on a piece together , yet only a experimental and amaginative collaboration it was at the time.But that is how anything is started – wtih an idea and a goal.

As new found friends with a shared passion and enthusiasm for what they do , Gerhard and Mamba decided to join forces in doing collaborative art , where both their techniques , emotion and visual power could be invested in their pieces – creating something unusual from the hands of two great artist.Since the succesful completion of their first few collaborative works ,these two men have set in motion an admiration and demand for their new art style – and their desire to continue to work together only increases with each new creation.

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